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Shanghai Up-Fluorochem Co., Ltd. (UP-F) is located in Shanghai SongJiang Economic Development Zone. It was founded by Dr. from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Zhejiang University, with sophisticated technical talents and advanced technology in the international fluorine chemical industry.

UP-F is an innovative modern industrial enterprise engaged in the R&D, production and application of fluorine-containing pharmaceuticals, pesticides and intermediates, fluorine-containing materials and intermediates and organic fluorine-containing blocks and catalysts.

Our company is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of integrated organic fluorine chemical technology solutions. Providing with High-quality fluorine-containing organic compounds for research and development or industrial use for customers who are widely distributed in academia and industry globally is one of our major mission. In addition, we provide comprehensive research and development supporting, such as cooperative development, commissioned development and other scientific research services.

Our business modules include: fluorine chemical technology development, new material product development, chemical technology solutions, and innovative business investment.

UP-F has established project cooperation with a number of university key laboratories and research institutions. And look forward to contributing to the global chemical and new materials technology industry. UP-F sincerely welcomes Chinese and foreign friends to come to conduct business, exchange technology and cooperation opportunities. 

Competitive Advantages

1. Professional Synthesis Skill

As a professional chemical technology service organization, the company has a research and development team consisting of several doctors and masters. The team members have a number of patented achievements and high-level academic papers. Highly competitive experience in chemical synthesis is guaranteed.

2. Quality service guarantee

We uphold the principles of customer focus, keep a 7 * 24-hour service online. 

For keeping abreast of research progress and answering all questions during the entire project, good communication with customers in real time is asking as the basic.

3. Strict awareness of confidentiality

UP-F understands the importance of confidentiality in the R&D area to our customers. We ask to sign confidentiality agreement for the entrusted development project. Strict confidentiality system throughout the company is established since day one to avoid any hidden dangers, includes staff management and project development process.

4. Focus on quality and reputation

Integrity is the foundation of all actions. UP-Fs understand this throughly and further take it as the creed to build and maitain our reputation. All of the core members in UP-F team have long-term scientific research experience to ensure the quality of our services. In the process of project development or cooperation, the company always adheres to the principle of “Quality First, Responsible for Customers” to ensure that all products and processes are of high quality and reliability.